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Nature lover. Bee conservation activist. Located in Jamaica. Active Worldwide

Join me, Theon Ali, on my mission to educate the world about the importance of bees for our environment

Theon Ali Bee Conservation Activist

I hope that countries around the globe appreciate the critical nature of their native bee populations and take steps to conserve them before it is too late. Our environment relies on bees as the number one pollinator of more than 90% of plants. Without bees, our gardens would be bare and our plates empty!

Local beekeepers work hard to give proper nutrition to their bees . The best way for you to show appreciation is to always buy local honey and beeswax products. Many beekeepers use products from their hives to create soaps, lotions, and beeswax candles. In addition, local honey is not only delicious — it is made from local flora that will help with seasonal allergies! 

Join me, Theon Ali, in my struggle to raise awareness on bees conservation.